Apple’s puzzling decisions on the new iPad

Can someone explain why Apple chose to make the following decisions on the new iPad?



1. A VGA front camera– surely this does not play well for those on the “receiving” end of Facetime calls? Granted it does not fix the issue when you Facetime “from” an older iPad or iPhone, but at surely a 2MP camera would have been a start?

2. No iBooks preloaded– I personally don’t get this. Print characters look absolutely gorgeous on the new HD screen. Any reason they couldn’t throw in a classic book and watch people to go berserk over the print quality?

3. 16GB on board for the entry level iPad– With developers having to resize pretty much every iPad optimized app to 4X their original pixel count (at least on graphics), storage space is going to be a premium. Lets not even begin on how much bigger graphic intensive games and textures need to be. 16GB is going to fill up pretty quickly, so watch out.


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